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12Oz Automatic Soap and Lotion Dispenser With Optional Chime

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This automatic hand soap / lotion / sanitizer dispenser brings convenience and sanitation to your bathroom, kitchen, office or wherever you may need it!

This dispenser holds up to 12 ounces of any hand washing fluid of your choice! Stylish looks go great with any home and the optional chime can be turned on or off at whenever you like! When turned on, the chime will sound with every successful dispense of liquid!

The reservoir of this dispenser flashes green with every successful pump, another great feature for kids as well! (this feature cannot be disabled)


• Hold 12 ounces of liquid
• Runs on 4 "AAA" batteries (INCLUDED)
• Can be used with soap, sanitizer or light lotions
• Optional chime noise may be turned on or off
• Tank flashes green with every dispense

Great fun for the entire family, young, old or anywhere in between!

PLEASE NOTE: The instructions included with the dispenser also pertains to a model that can be used with a wall power adapter, this model does not come with a wall power adapter and does not have a plug for such, this unit is powered by 4 "AAA" batteries instead.