2 Gallon Chicken Watering Bucket & Lid w/ 4 Water Nipples


This is a 2 Gallon poultry (chicken) waterer with a lid & 4 water nipples. It works great for chickens, fowl, duck and more! It has a total of 4 water nipples drilled into the bottom of the bucket.

Simply fill the bucket with water and hang it from the side of a coop or a post! Most animals take to it within 30-60 minutes! This is a fantastic item if your sick of having to constantly clean poop, food and dirt out of your waterers!

The lid of the bucket also comes with a hole that has an easily removable rubber stopper for easy bucket filling! No need to pry off the lid just to refill the bucket!

• 2 Gallon capacity
• 4 nipples for up to 12 birds
• Comes with lid
• Easy fill lid hole!
• Remove plug and fill bucket, no wrestling with the lid!
• A small hole in stopper prevents the vacuum effect and keeps water flowing!
• 1 Year BAFX Products® Warranty against defects


How do I get my birds to use it?
Good question! First, remove your birds current waterer from the coop early in the evening the night before placing the new waterer into the coop. The next morning fill the new bucket with water and hang it in the coop. Show your flock where to get water by tapping on the nipples. You can even take one of the birds and hold their beak to the nipple. Keep trying this for a little while, once one bird gets it, the rest should follow.

If this fails you can try placing some jam, or other treats, on the nipples to help attract the birds.

You may need to repeat these steps a few times for the very stubborn types! Stay patient and keep working at it, they will get it!

*1 Year warranty against manufacturing defects when purchased from BAFX Products® or an authorized re-seller!

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