Extra IR Emitter cables for BAFX Products® IR Repeater Kit

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Number of Emitter Heads:2 Emitter head cable (3' 4" length)

BAFX Products® Extra Emitters for the BAFX Products® IR Repeater Kits. The BAFX Products® IR Repeater kit comes to you with 4 duel emitter cables allowing you to control up to 8 different devices with the repeater kit.

The IR repeater has slots for up to 6 emitter cables so if you would like to control more than 8 device you will need to purchase additional emitter cables. We offer our emitter cables in the following types:

  • Single emitter head cables
  • Dual emitter head cables
  • Quad emitter head head cables

Single Emitter Cables: Have 1 emitter head and are about 3' in length

Dual Emitter Head Cables: Have 2 emitter heads and the cable length is 8.5' in length

Quad Emitter Head Cables: Have 4 emitter heads and are approximately 3' in length

Please select which option you wish to purchase from the drop down list on this product page and then select the "add to cart" button! If you have any questions about our emitter cables or IR repeater kits, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Please note, we can only guarantee that our emitter cables will work with the BAFX Products® Repeater kits! Parts from different brands of repeater kits are not always interchangeable and many times cannot be combined together! If you have a different brand of repeater kit, purchase at your own risk!