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BAFX Products (TM) - USB 2.0 Manual Or Desktop Controlled Peripheral Sharing Switch Hub for Printers / Scanners & Other Accesories - 4 Port

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Share and connect one peripheral (printer, scanner or otherwise) with multiple computers Hub switcher works with both Windows or Mac (Desktop switching software for Windows only!) USB 2.0 No power required - Plug & Play for manual switching - Install driver for desktop switching for Windows This BAFX Products (TM) USB switch allows you to share one peripheral device with multiple computers using standard USB printer cables! This switcher can either be used manually or it can be controlled from your Windows (ONLY) desktop by installing the provided software program. To control the switcher manually simply press the button for the particular computer you wish to switch the peripheral device over to, an LED light will glow under the button to indicate which computer the peripheral is currently connected to To control the switcher from your Windows desktop, simply install the provided program onto your Windows computer, from the computer you wish to transfer the peripheral device over to simply right click the "Orb" like icon in your system tray and then select the "switch" option. Once the "Orb" like icon turns green your computer will not have control over the peripheral! This switcher will work with Windows & Mac based computers alike in manual switching mode, HOWEVER the software allowing you to switch from one computer to another ONLY WORKS WITH WINDOWS COMPUTERS!!! ALSO, THIS IS NOT AND AUTOMATIC SWITCH EITHER. BAFX Products stands behind all of their products and to ensure your confidence with their products the BAFX Products (TM) USB Peripheral Sharing Switch is covered by a limited 1 Year Warranty against all manufacturer defects! Please contact BAFX Products for more information on how this warranty works!