BAFX Products Carbon Fiber Hiking Poles

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  • • LIGHTWEIGHT - Made of very lightweight and durablue carbon fiber. Each pole weighs in at a mere 7.4 ounces, that is less than 1/2 pound per pole! Aluminum poles weigh in at about 12 ounces or more. This is a considerable weight savings if your hauling a lot of gear with you.
  • • AFFORDABLE - Our poles are made of 50% carbon fiber. This allows us to offer our poles at an affordable price while still delivering on the weight savings you desire! Why pay much more for very little additional weight savings?! Get exactly what your looking for at a better price!
  • • EASY FLIP LOCK & COLLAPSIBLE - Poles lock and un-lock by the use of a flip lock style mechanism which is easy to use for all types of people and easy to adjust! Poles are collapsible and extendedable from 24.5" up to 53". Easily & quickly adjust the length when out on the trails.
  • • GRIPS, TIPS & STRAPS - The grips are made of a soft, but not too soft, EVA material for long lasting comfort on those long hard hikes. The wrist straps are nicely padded for additional comfort on your hike. The poles that help you hike should make your hike more enjoyable, not more difficult. Each pair also comes with carbide tips & 4 soft rubber feet as well as 2 mud baskets fo different types of terrain you may encounter on your hikes!
  • • WARRANTY & PROMISE - We stand behind our products 100% without fail which is why our poles come with a 1 YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY against all defects! Have a problem at any point, just contact our warranty support team and you will be taken care of right away, no questions asked!

  • These super lightweight BAFX Products Hiking Poles are made of extremely durable carbon fiber and will allow you many years of enjoyable hiking!

    Our walking poles are made of a 50% carbon fiber blend, this allows for the benefits of lightweight carbon fiber without having to spend an entire paycheck on a set of 100% carbon fiber poles. Each pole weighs in at a mere 7.4 ounces! 100% carbon fiber poles normally weigh in at about 6 ounces. Why pay so much more for very little weight savings?!

    Not to mention, our hiking poles are backed by a hassle free 1 Year warranty! Really, we mean it, completely hassle free!



  • Key Features:
    • Extremely lightweight (only 7.4 Oz. per pole)
    • 50% Carbon fiber blend for more affordability
    • Easy to use/adjust flip-lock locking mechanisms
    • Easily collapsible/extendable from 24.5" to 53"
    • Comfortable EVA hand grips for long hikes
    • Padded wrist strap for comfort and support
    • Durable carbide tips for digging into surfaces such as ice
    • Comes with 4 rubber feet to place over carbide tips for pavement or grassy hikes
    • Instructions include link to a very helpful setup/use video to get you started on your hiking / trekking adventures
    • Backed our completely hassle free 1 Year manufacturer warranty against defects. We really mean it when we say hassle free!