Triple Zone IR Repeater Kit / Remote Control Extender

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What is the Triple Zone IR Repeater Kit you ask?!

Essentially, this kit is 3 IR repeater kits in 1! It allows you to control 3 separate but identical devices independently of each other, from different rooms, while only purchasing and installing 1 repeater kit rather than 3 repeater kits. Similar "Zoned" IR Repeater kits can easily run $200-300+ or more! We now offer an affordable option to everybody!

Most people will want our standard, single zone, kit however, for more advanced users the Triple Zone kit may be a better solution.


Kit Includes:

• 3 IR Receivers

• 3 Dual head emitter cables (1 cable for each zone; control up to 6 devices)

• 1 Distribution block (with 3 zones)

• 1 Power adapter

• 1 User manual (extra emitters sold separately)

• 1 Year BAFX Products Warranty*


PLEASE NOTE, DOES NOT WORK WITH: RNG150, RNG150N & RNG250; or Marantz Devices


So, how does it work?!

Let's assume you have 3 rooms in your home (Rooms A, B & C) that all have cable boxes you'd like to hide in your basement/closet. Normally, if all the cable boxes are issued by the same company, these boxes all use the same remote control. Because of this, if you were to connect all 3 cable boxes to one standard, single zone, repeater kit, then when you change the channel via the repeater kit in room A, the signal will be sent to the boxes for rooms B & C as well. Because they all respond to the same remote control commands, they will then ALL change channels! This is not practical for most situations.

With a standard (or single zone repeater kit) you would need a separate repeater kit for each identical cable box to prevent this problem.

The Triple Zone IR Repeater Kit solves this problem by creating 3 zones which are completely separate from one another allowing you to control each device independently of each other.


• 3 IR receivers

• 3 emitter cables

• IR receiver cable 4'10" (Can be extended)

• Emitter cables 9'11" (Can be extended)

• Distribution block approx. 1.9"x4.3"x0.87"

• Has slots for mounting (screws NOT included)

• Distribution block can be powered by USB cable (NOT included)

• 3 Independent "zones"

• IR receiving distance of 25 Feet

• Emitting distance 2-4 Inches

• 3.5mm Jacks

• Receiving frequency 34KHZ to 60KHZ


1 Yr BAFX Products® warranty against manufacturing defects!*

*1 Yr warranty only valid when purchased from BAFX Products or AUTHORIZED retailer