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IR Repeater / Remote Control Extender Kit - Control 1-8 device (expandable to 12)

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Do you want to hide the components of your entertainment system for a cleaner more organized look? Keep your DVD Player, Game console, Stereo Receiver Etc.... out of sight?

The BAFX Products® IR Repeater kit is THE solution you need!


The IR Repeater kit comes with 1 IR Receiver, 8 Emitters, 1 Distribution box & a power adapter. Simply plug the emitter cables into the distribution block and paste one emitter head over the IR receiver of each device you wish to control using the provided adhesive. Now, plug the IR receiver into the distribution block & run the IR Receiver to the location you wish to control your devices from so that the IR receiver is within view of the remote control. Power up the IR Repeater with the wall adapter and your all set!

Need to span a distance further than the provided cable reach? No problem! Simply use any length "headphone extension cable" to extend the IR receiver or emitter cables to your needed length!

To top it all off, with this IR Repeater kit you get the BAFX Products® 60 day return period, along with the BAFX Products® 1 Year Warranty against defects! You simply cannot go wrong!

Features / Specs

  • Keep your components hidden from view
  • 1 IR receiver
  • 4 Dual emitter cables (controls up to 8 devices)
  • 1 Distribution block
  • 1 Wall power adapter
  • 1 Manual
  • IR receiver has a 25' range
  • Add up to 2 additional IR receivers (3 possible receivers in total)
  • IR receiver cable approx 4’ 10” (5’ tip to tip)
  • Add up to 2 more emitter cables
  • Emitter cables are approx. 9' long
  • Receiver & Emitters can be extended using 3.5mm headphone extension cables
  • Can accommodate up to 3 IR Receivers & 6 emitter cables
  • Distribution block measures about 2.25"x4.5"x1"
  • Dual-band frequency allows control of more devices
  • Receiving Frequency Range: 34KHZ - 60KHZ
  • Transmitting Range: 38KHZ & 56KHZ
  • Powered by included wall adapter OR USB power (USB cable not included)
  • Has slots for mounting if desired (Screws not included)
  • 1 Year BAFX Products® warranty against defects

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