3x1 HDMI Port Switcher W/ IR Remote Control


The Simplistex 3 Port HDMI switch is great for any home thetre or gaming setup. Tired of having to get up and unplug one HDMI device from the TV so you can plug in the other one to watch your favorite movie? Us too!

That is why we have brought you the Simplistex HDMI Switchers! This model is our 3 port switcher that comes with an IR remote control so that you can switch from one HDMI device to another without having to get up! Watching a DVD and now want to play a video game? Hit the button on the HDMI siwtcher's remote and voila! Your video game is now connected to the TV and ready to go!

Our 3 port HDMI switch is small, lightweight and made with a durable plastic shell.

Setup is extremely easy, plug your TV into the "OUTPUT" port on the switch with an HDMI cable, then plug each of the devices you want to be able to use with that TV into the HDMI "IN" ports on the switcher. After that, simply plug the switcher into power and your ready to go. That's all there is to it! Sorry, we do not include the HDMI cables, those must be purchased seperately.

Supports 3D, 1080P resolution, 49' HDMI input length and 82' output length!

Fully backed by an unbeatable, 2 YEAR WARRANTY against manufacturing defects!

• Supports up to 3 HDMI input devices
• Supports 3D
• Up to 1080P resolution
• Control via the included IR remote control (or switch manually)
• Input cable up to 49' (dependant on signal strength from the input device)
• Output cable up to 82'
• 2 YEAR Simplistex Warranty against manufacturing defects!*

Kit Includes:
• 1x 3 Port HDMI Switch
• 1x US Power adapter
• 1x Remote control (battery included!)
• 2 Year warranty*

*2 Year warranty only valid to with verifiable proof of purchase from BAFX Products or authorized dealer