Nickel Plated 3.5mm Headphone Extension Cable - Male to Female - Stereo & Shielded

Size:25 Foot

This BAFX Products® - Headphone Extension Cable is guaranteed to work to extend the length of your BAFX Products® IR Repeater Kit Receivers & Emitters!

Available in 10', 25', 50' & 100' lengths

Headphone extension cable quality can vary widely from company to company, because of this the extension cables sold by some companies are of such low quality that they cannot transmit the signal of our IR Repeater Kits properly, leaving you frustrated and the install of your IR Repeater system, stalled. For this reason, we now offer our own headphone extension cables for sale to use with our kits, we guarantee the quality of these cables to work 100% with our kits in extending both the receivers & the emitters! Each cable is fully tested to work with our repeater kits & for proper sound quality before shipping.

Our extension cables can also be used for regular headphones as well or any other similar devices. It may also be used with smart phones, tablets, computers, CD Players, speakers, tuners and other audio devices!

These cables may also of course be connected together to make longer cables!

Some specifics about our cable:
• ­10', 25', 50' & 100' Foot lengths
• Shielded to prevent signal interference from other electronic devices
• 3.5mm Jacks
• Male to Female ends
• Nickel plated jacks to prevent corrosion
• GUARANTEED to work with the BAFX Products® IR Repeater Kits
• Each cable tested on one of our repeater kits before being sent!
10 Year warranty against manufacturing defects*

10 Year Warranty from BAFX Products® against manufacturing defects only valid when purchased from BAFX Products® or an authorized dealer. Must have original order number or receipt as proof of purchase to claim warranty.