Extra IR Receiver for IR Repeater Kits / Remote Control Extender


This is an extra IR receiver for the IR repeater kit sold by BAFX Products®. Our single zone kit comes with one receiver but has slots for 3 and this receive can be used to fill those slots should the need arise.

Please note that when using more than one IR receiver with your IR repeater kit only one of the IR receivers can be in view of a signal from the remote control at a time. If both IR receivers receive signal from a remote at the same time you will experience a delayed or even NO response from your device.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee functionality of this receiver with any repeater kits sold by other companies. It very well may be compatible with other brands however this is not something we can guarantee. Also, this is not designed to be plugged directly into a devices IR port (such as cable boxes). Again, doing this MAY work however we cannot guarantee it will for any particular device.

Comes with our 1 Year Warranty against manufacturing defects when purchased from an authorized retailer with a valid order number and/or receipt.