Non-Contact Tachometer

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BAFX Products is happy to offer their affordable, efficient & highly accurate infrared noncontact tachometer. Non-contact tachometers are an inherently highly accurate device. No need to spend tons of money to achieve high accuracy with a digital tachometer. Simply apply a strip of the provided reflective tape to the rotational object being measured, turn the meter on and aim the laser sight at that reflective tape to obtain your reading on the digital display.

Our handheld tachometer is perfect for reading lathe speeds, automotive engine speed, small motors, drills, CNC machines, fans crankshafts and more!

It is recommended that readings be taken from a distance of 2" ~ 20". For very slow rotating objects, add additional strips of reflective tape equidistant from each other, take the reading and then divide by the number of reflective tape pieces on the object.

Operates on 2x AAA batteries (included) and comes supplied with 3 pieces of 10" reflective tape.


  • MAX/MIN/LAST/AVERAGE functions;
  • Reads from 2.5~99,9999 RPM;
  • Measuring distance of 2" ~ 20";
  • Resolution of 0.1 RPM up to 9,999 & 1.0 RPM up to 99,999 RPM;
  • Precision rating of ±(0.1%n+5d)RPM (2.5~999.9RPM) & ±(1%n+5d)RPM (1000.~99999RPM);
  • Easy aim laser; Sampling rate of 1x/Second; 60 Second automatic shutdown;
  • Backlit digital display;
  • Powered by 2x AAA batteries (included);
  • 1x user manual
  • Operating temp of 32°-122°F;
  • Quartz crystal time base;
  • Handheld mini design;
  • 1 Year manufacturer warranty