Why the BAFX Products® OBD reader?

Q) Why spend a little more to purchase ours rather than the ones selling for a few dollars less?

Answer: The reasons are many. Firstly many of the other cheaper versions of this device WILL NOT work on Ford vehicles because they skimp on many needed parts that read the Ford protocols. In many of the other cheaper units the manufacturers have cut so many corners they removed crucial parts that prevent the chips from frying out after a couple uses. It is not unlikely to use one of those units twice, only to never have it work again. Many times they also use very cheap Bluetooth chips which limits the range of the signal and also has been known to cause dropped signals during use, pausing readings and other odd occurrences. Many of the cheap versions ship from China, even with expedited shipping this still means it can take up to many weeks to receive your goods unless you are lucky. While our adapters are still made in China we always keep them in stock and they will ship to you from the Midwest of the USA! Even without expedited shipping you get your product within about 3-4 working days! Lastly, if you have a problem with your device you receive from us, being that we are in the USA, exchanges & returns are easy, not to mention when you contact us for help and our answers are in easy to understand English!